Best Chinese New Year Snacks

10 Best Chinese New Year Snacks


Chinese New Year snacks are a must-have for any household that is receiving guests. Here at, we offer a wide selection of snacks to cater to the diverse preferences that you may have. Here are our top 10 picks that we think most will love because of their tastiness and health benefits!


Crispy Fish Skin

Crispy Fish Skin 炸魚皮

Ever since crispy fish skin entered the market, it has been flying off shelves because its crispy texture and salty flavour make it such an addictive snack. Later, the salted egg trend began and was added to the crispy fish skin, making it a golden combination, no pun intended. Here we sell both types of crispy fish skins, with and without the salted egg. Get yours today, for it is a guaranteed favourite amongst Singaporeans.

Yam chips

Yam Chips (Slice) 芋头片

For those yam lovers, look no further because we sell yam chips here in two cuts: sliced or thin strips. Yams are highly nutritious, containing potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. Yams may boost cognitive function and memory and promote bone health. They may also help to control blood sugar levels. This is due to the resistant starch and fiber contents which are digested more slowly, pacing out blood sugar levels. The resistant starch may also promote the growth of good bacteria in one’s intestines, therefore promoting gut health. Yams may also reduce chronic inflammation that leads to heart illness and obesity, as well as reduce cholesterol levels. Thus, be sure to get your yam chips today for they are a crunchy yet healthy snack option that won’t make you feel guilty eating it.

Crispy cuttlefish roll

Crispy Cuttlefish Roll 鱿鱼卷

Crispy cuttlefish is another popular and addictive Chinese New Year snack as it is both sweet and spicy – the best of both worlds. Once you bite on it, it will break as it is brittle, and you can hear the crunch or a cracking sound which is oddly satisfying. This savoury snack is a favourite amongst the boomers so get them especially if you have guests belonging to that age range.

Honeycomb cookies

Honeycomb Cookies (White Sesame) 蜜蜂窝白芝麻

They are called honeycomb cookies because they look like honeycombs. In Cantonese, they are called Matt Fung Dao, in Malay they are called Kuih Rose (because it looks like a rose) or Kuih Loyang (because the mould is made of brass) and in Indonesia they are called Kuih Goyang. This is because Kuih means “cookie” and Goyang means to “shake off”, which refers to the action where the batter is shaken off from the mould when it is in the process of frying in a pot of oil. These honeycomb cookies have an uncanny resemblance to rosettes and achappam, which are of Swedish and Syrian influences. Nonetheless, these honeycomb cookies are eaten during Chinese New Year as they represent family unity.

Tempeh chips

Tempeh Chips 天贝

Tempeh is made from soybeans and originated from Indonesia. Tempeh is used in recipes for vegans as it is rich in proteins, prebiotics, and other minerals such as iron, manganese and phosphorous. It can also help to curb appetite and hence is a much healthier snack than snacks high in fats. So get yours today as it makes a good, nutritious, and animal-free snack option! Our tempeh chips also come in the spicy option for those of you who prefer a more savoury and tangy taste.

Arrowhead chips

Yam Chips (Thin Strips) 芋头丝

They look just like regular potato chips but as the name suggests are made of arrowhead flour that is gluten-free. They are also called Nga Ku (穿菇) and started becoming a popular snack item a decade ago. People consume this snack during Chinese New Year because it has a symbolic meaning of “kindness”. These chips are slightly bitter and have a distinctive arrowroot taste, but because of their crispiness, they make for a very enjoyable snack- much like crunching potato chips.

Fried crabstick

Crab Sticks Chinese New Year

Grab some fried crabsticks that you can only find during this festive period! They are a favourite among children as this snack is crunchy and easy to bite on. They are also light in the mouth, without a strong seasoning base that sometimes you can get sick of if consumed excessively.

Honey almond crisp

Honey Almond Thin Crisp 蜂蜜杏仁片

This sweet bite will take your enjoyment up another level. They are sweet and crispy, which makes for a very tasty snack that is well loved by people of all ages. Almonds also contain a lot of magnesium and vitamin E which can help reduce the risk of heart illness and lower cholesterol levels. We also sell almond thins with the pumpkin seed variant which you can choose for a healthier option as pumpkin seeds are a good source of iron and vitamin K. You may read more about the nutritional benefits of pumpkin seeds here.

Seaweed crisp

Crispy Fish Skin 炸魚皮

The seaweed sheets are spread on pancake skin and fried to perfection. Seaweed contains nutrients such as iodine and fiber which are needed for thyroid health gut health, respectively. The fiber content found in seaweed may also help to reduce cholesterol levels and is beneficial for people with diabetes. The seaweed crisps are a perfect snack for seaweed lovers and their crispiness is not one to miss!

Egg roll chicken floss

Egg Rolls (Chicken Floss) 鸡丝蛋卷

These egg rolls filled with chicken floss are unique and not commonly sold in Singapore. Take a mouthful of these egg rolls and they will bring you to cloud nine with their crispy and yet chewy combination. You can be sure that you are getting quality egg rolls as they are rich in depth and flavour.



Choose from our snack range today! Our snacks are handmade with love and contain zero preservatives. Hence you can trust us that we provide only top-quality snacks. Happy snacking and we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

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