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Halal CNY Goodies

Our Chinese New Year Snacks are Halal Certified. We can even treat our muslim guest to savour these delicious cookies. 


Quality, Quality and Quality

Handmade Chinese New Year Goodies! Made with love and years of experience. Supplying and satisfying customers year after year. Leverage on our pre-order sale today! 

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Free Red Packets

We will be giving out 8 Red Packets to customers who purchase 4 or more bottles of CNY goodies, cookies and snacks. These can be used during CNY for red packet gifting. Only 100 sets available.

Discounted Prices CNY Cookies

Pre-order Sale

Huat ah! We have stopped pre-order sales and have started our bulk corporate sales. While stocks last!

Reviews and Testimonials


I have to say that I was not a lover of green peas in the past. But lately, I am addicted to green pea cookies as they are quite savoury. These cookies from CNYCOOKIES.SG do not disappoint! It is a little crumbly but the taste is there! I will just pop these into my mouth easily. There are around 40-45 pieces in each tub.

Green Pea Cookies Singapore


Bask in the once-in-a-year festivity with these Chinese New Year goodies from CNY Cookies. From the traditionally-loved pineapple tarts and kueh bangkits to favourites like salted egg fish skin, love letters and yam chips, satisfy your family and friends with a tableful of snacks!

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Lyn Lee, Lil Blue Bottle

I love nuts, especially sliced almonds and pumpkin seeds, so this honey-coated confection was delightful to me. Every delicate slice had so much crunch without being excessively sweet.

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CNY Cookies’ Honey Almond Pumpkin Seeds Thin Crisp bears a perfect harmony of the nutty pumpkin seeds and luscious honey. An unorthodox Chinese New Year snack, the Almond Biscotti (S$15.9) was also one of my favorites and frankly something that I would eat any day. Meanwhile, the Cashew Nut Cookie (S$18.9) stole my heart with its buttery, aromatic profile, with a hint of salt to balance the decadence.

Cnycookies review

Mons-Diary, Monicebakes

What’s your favourite CNY snack? Mine used to be Pineapple tarts (I know I’m boring), but CNYcookies.sg has opened up a lot of other choices and I think I have changed my mind! I still cannot decide between a few options, but I have to honestly admit that this was one of the best CNY snacks that I have ever tasted.

Mons diary Cnycookies image

We have over 30 different varieties of Chinese New Year Snacks Available.

We offer popular Peanut Cookies, Almond Cookies, Butter Cookies, and Pineapple tarts. With different Chinese New Year Biscuits and also healthy Chinese New Year Snacks like Honey Almond Thin Crisp. 

Shop By Category

Flower Egg Tart chinese new year goodies cookies snacks

Chinese New Year Cookies

We offer a wide selection of cookies, like Cashew Nuts Cookies, Green Pea Cookies and Green Bean Cookies as well. If you want a good quality and tasty CNY cookie click here!

Salted Egg Fish Skin chinese new year snacks goodies cookies

Chinese New Year Snacks

Snacks during Chinese New Year is also a must have. These CNY Cracker are loved by all ages. We have Crab Stick, Arrowhead, Fish Skin, Seaweed, Yam Chips and Cuttlefish Snacks. We had customers who finish a container in one day. Super addictive!

Traditional Golden Tin Love Letter Egg Roll Chinese new year goodies cookies snacks

Chinese New Year Goodies

We also provide goodies like Love Letters, Egg Rolls, Shrimp Roll, Honeycomb Cookies and more. These goodies are tried and tested by thousands and thousands of customers every Chinese New Year. When you buy, you know you buy quality.

How to Store Properly?

In order to ensure that the items will be kept as fresh as possible, we recommend to always reseal the scotch tape after consuming. We recommend storing in a cool and dry environment. You will likely finish the bottle within days of opening. Our freshly made cookies can last for 3-5 months.

Our Guarantee

We promise only quality Chinese New Year Snacks. We understand the frustration of getting a CNY Cookie to find out that it is of bad quality. Not all CNY Goodies are made equally. Our cookies are freshly made yearly and we do not keep extra stocks, so order before it runs out! 

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