Chinese New Year 2023 Calendar
Year of the Rabbit 2023

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The Chinese New Year for 2023 falls on Sunday, January 22nd. In this post, we will talk about the zodiac animal for 2023, holidays for school and office as well as some greetings that you can use for the year of the rabbit. We hope that this calendar can help you to plan for these 15 days of the Chinese New Year!

What zodiac is for 2023?

The zodiac for that year is the rabbit. Those born under this sign are said to be charming, graceful, and well-mannered. They are also known for being hard workers with a strong sense of duty. Rabbit years are considered to be lucky, and those born during this time are said to have good fortune in life. The rabbit is one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac, and each year is associated with a different animal. The cycle repeats every twelve years, making 2023 a rabbit year once again. If you were born in rabbit years previously, such as 2011 or 1999, you will share many characteristics with those born in 2023.

Chinese Lunar New Year 2023 Calendar

Start and end date of Chinese New Year 2023

Lunar DayDateDay of the weekRemarks
Eve21st JanuarySaturdayHalf Day Work/School, Reunion Dinner
1st Day22nd JanuarySundayVisiting Day, Public Holiday for office and school
2nd Day23rd JanuaryMondayVisiting Day, Public Holiday for office and school
3rd Day24th JanuaryTuesdayVisiting Day, Public Holiday for office and school
4th Day25th JanuaryWednesdayBack to work and school
5th Day26th JanuaryThursday
6th Day27th JanuaryFriday
7th Day28th JanuarySaturday
8th Day29th JanuarySunday
9th Day30th JanuaryMonday
10th Day31st JanuaryTuesday
11th Day1st FebruaryWednesday
12th Day2nd FebruaryThursday
13th Day3th FebruaryFriday
14th Day4th FebruarySaturday
15th Day5th FebruarySundayLantern Festival. Last day of Chinese New Year 2023.
CNY Calendar for 2023

Greetings for the rabbit zodiac 2023

English auspicious words

  • May your Year of the Rabbit be full of love and peace.
  • May your new year be as peaceful and lovely as the Rabbit itself.
  • Happy New Year 兔 you.

Mandarin wishes

  • 祝你兔年好运!
  • 钱兔无量!
  • 兔年好運到,鴻兔大展一整年!
  • 银兔满堂
  • 兔飛猛進
  • 兔來運轉
  • 宏兔大志
  • 兔年行大運
  • 兔年大吉大利


Chinese New Year 2023 is just around the corner and will be celebrated from January 22nd to February 5th. This year’s lunar new year coincides with the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. We have rounded up all of the important dates and holidays associated with Chinese New Year 2023 above. If you’re inviting friends and family over, be sure to stock up on your Chinese New Year Goodies! Are you ready for an amazing year ahead? Happy New Year 兔 you!

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