Pineapple Tarts (Flower Blossom) 24 bottles/ctn


Selling in Cartons, 24 btl per carton.

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The Flower Blossom Pineapple Tart is an open-face tart. They are handmade with real pineapples that are blended and slow cooked. They have a golden finish with a ball of delicious pineapple that makes it look like a sunflower.

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🍊Traditional Recipes.
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🍊Handmade With Love.

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The tart is specially made to be crumbly and buttery. Once you place it in your mouth, it will melt-in-the-mouth. We also come across consumers that eat the pineapple first before consuming the tart. The Flower Blossom Pineapple Tart is one of the most well-liked kind of Pineapple Tart during Chinese New Year!

Ingredients: High protein flour, butter, sugar, egg, pineapple, salt. 


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