Honeycomb Cookies Black Sesame 12 bottles/ctn


Beehive cookies, honeycomb cookies, kuih loyang, kuih rose or kuih lobang. Our honeycomb cookies is made with premium ingredients like coconut milk to bring out the coconut taste. Each honeycomb is also fried and made skillfully, ensuring that all honeycomb are thin and crispy. If you know how to eat this cookie, you will be able to taste the quality difference. Get a bottle today and satisfy your cravings!

Around 25-30 pcs per bottle.

For the full catalogue, quotation or invoice contact us at contact@cnycookies.sg! 
Not All Chinese New Year Snacks Are Made The Same, Choose Us.
🍊Halal Certified.
🍊Premium Quality Goodies.
🍊Traditional Recipes.
🍊Zero Preservatives.
🍊Handmade With Love.

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Egg, Coconut Milk, Black Sesame.

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